Ward 4D Meeting

January 16, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Center for Progress and Justice
1420 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

All Democrats in Ward 4D (Precincts: 9, 36, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48) are encouraged to attend this meeting.

Hi Democratic Residents of Ward 4D:
Maybe you want a better governor, or you want Santa Fe to work better, or you want to be sure the the State’s Land Commissioner doesn’t give away public lands (as the current one does).  Whatever you care about the most that can be affected by political activism, now is the time we can act to assure that the policies we want, and the candidates we trust, WIN!
In this election year, with 4 (four!!!!) election times coming up from now through November 6, our urgent job is to TURN OUT THE VOTE.  If we can increase voting in Santa Fe County by just 10%, we can make a huge difference in our city, our county, and the whole state.
I strongly urge you to attend our meeting this Tuesday, January 16, 6-7:30, at 1420 Cerrillos.  We are organizing to make a difference in our ward, joining others throughout the county doing the same thing.
Tuesday’s agenda:
1. Introductions (5 minutes)
2.  what’s our job?—-to increase voter participation by Democrats by at least 10% (3 minutes)
3.  Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) –a brief report from several of us who went to training in community education–how best to talk about it with friends, neighbors, co-workers (15 minutes)
3. The county and state pre-primary conventions–what they do (select the Democrats who will be on the ballot), timeline of events, why it is so important for lots of us to attend our February 20 meeting, when we will elect 13 delegates from our own ward to go to the county and state conventions (20 minutes)
4. Santa Fe County’s own party platform–introduction and overview, what happens with it from now on, and when.  Check it out at http://santafedemocrats.org/platform/democratic-party…-county-platform.  Also attached to this email. Comment on it at comments.platform@gmail.com. (20 minutes)
5.  Taking action–to accomplish our goal of increasing turnout, we are organizing into three groups–phone banking and data (led by Grace Brill), canvassing (led by Deborah van Hecke), and other (talking with groups like neighborhood associations, doing house parties or block parties, etc.) (led by Marti Burt, with hopes at least one other person will share this responsibility).  Please decide which activity you want to do, and come prepared to join a group.  For the end of this meeting, the groups will caucus and decide on further plans of action, how/when to meet, etc.  OUR GOAL–INCREASE VOTER TURNOUT BY AT LEAST 10%, AND WIN MANY ELECTIONS FOR DEMOCRATS!    (25 minutes)

For more information, please contact ward chair Mari Burt, mrbconsulting.nm@gmail.com, 505-780-5598